I found my calling in guiding women through childbirth.

After attending the book launch for "Birth After Caesarean: Your Journey to a Better Birth" by Dr. Hazel Keedle, I found myself deeply reflecting on my own journey of birthing after two previous cesarean sections.

The event reignited memories of my transformative and healing natural birth experience, prompting me to recognise the profound impact it had on my overall well-being and mental health. I began to realise the invaluable combination of my personal experience, knowledge about navigating the hospital system, and expertise in acupressure and massage techniques. After facing skepticism and discouragement from medical professionals in my own journey due to the risks associated with vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), I became determined to advocate for choice, continuity of care, and creating a safe space for women during the birthing process.

Inspired by my own birth journey, I embarked on the path of becoming a doula.

Armed with the conviction that every woman deserves to feel informed and respected throughout this pivotal life event, I set up to provide personalised care and guidance to expectant mothers.

Drawing from my own experiences and the insights, I recognise the significant impact of having a familiar support person throughout pregnancy and childbirth. Through my doula practice, I aim to provide unwavering support, advocacy, and compassionate care to women, ensuring they feel nurtured and confident to make informed choices while navigating the complexities of the hospital system.

By offering a blend of emotional support, practical guidance, and holistic techniques such as acupressure and massages, I strive to create a safe, nurturing environment where women feel can embrace their unique birthing journey with courage. Through each and every mother I partner with, I hope to contribute to a culture that prioritises maternal health, respects individual preferences, and celebrates the transformative power of childbirth.

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