Calling all June Mamas to be !

As you eagerly anticipate the arrival of your little one this June, you deserve unwavering support every step of the way. That’s why I’m thrilled to offer two last-minute birth support spaces for mamas birthing in June!

What's included?

Personalized Doula Support: As an experienced doula, I’m here to provide you with emotional, physical, and informational support tailored to your unique situation. Whether you’re birthing naturally, undergoing induction, or planning a c-section, I’m dedicated to supporting you through every twist and turn of your journey.

During our three-hour session before your birth, we’ll delve into our Labor and Birth Bootcamp. Together with your partner, we’ll explore techniques such as acupressure and the ancient art of the rebozo, fostering relaxation and easing discomfort during labor. Through holistic care, we’ll discover how to engage all five senses, creating a serene birthing environment that empowers you every step of the way.

Our Birth Planning Session ensures that you’re equipped with comprehensive knowledge and practical comfort techniques, empowering you to navigate your birth experience with grace and strength.

But our support doesn’t end there! From the moment you engage my services until our final postpartum visit, you’ll have ongoing text, email, and phone support. I’ll be on call for you from 38 weeks, providing continuous birth support until you cradle your precious baby in your arms. Our journey culminates in a two-hour postpartum visit within the first 10 days of your birth, where we’ll debrief your birth experience and ensure you’re thriving in your new role as a mother.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with having a dedicated doula by your side, guiding you through the incredible journey of bringing your June baby into the world.

In addition to our comprehensive support, you’ll also receive:

  • An obligation-free online Zoom meeting to ensure we’re the right fit
  • Hire of an ELLE TENS machine and rebozo
  • Small surprise gifts and goodies

VALUE: $2100

Our price for this June special: $1500*

Saving of $600!!

* Terms & Conditions apply – see bottom of the page


If you are pregnant (or post-partum) & are thinking of getting yourself a doula - DO! Especially our doula, Josi. The most wonderful, supportive & nurturing person throughout our pregnancy, birth, and beyond. I think the reason we had the birth I wanted was due in large part to this wonderful woman a supporting us with birth planning, sessions to help Michael & I plan for every possible contingency, providing beautiful gifts throughout the pregnancy to remind us to slow down, enjoy, that the experience is meant to be a wonderful, oxytocin filled one. The wonderful library and books she lent us. The text support, especially when the contractions started. She provided us with the confidence to stay at home and labour for a long time like we wanted. Looking at the incredible photos & videos we have of Rosalie’s birth is also due to Josi - she instinctively knew to grab the camera and snap away. I didn’t even notice her doing this but boy am I glad she did! Then the post-partum care - the delicious food deliveries (incl this amazing Bavarian cake). Her body work sessions (moxa, massage, steaming). I could go on & on. I am so grateful to have met Josi and have her side by side with us in this journey. Going to book in another one off bodywork session (and so can you). Not quite ready for this to end!
First time mama

Terms & Conditions:

This offer is exclusively for mamas due from 1st to 30th June.

Payment of $1500 must be made upon signing the contract and before services begin.

The postpartum visit must be scheduled within 10 days of birth, the latest appointment will be 15th July;  otherwise, it will be forfeited.


1x obligation free online meet & greet

1x 3 hour antenatal appointment

Phone & text support

On call from 38 weeks (unless otherwise discussed)

Birth support

1x 2 hour postpartum visit

Do you want to feel held and supported, no matter what ?

Book in an obligation free discovery call with me today!

Ready to embrace your journey with our June Doula special?

Ready to embrace your journey with our June Doula special? Secure your spot today by booking a online meet & greet and let me be your trusted companions on this extraordinary adventure!